Saturday, May 23, 2009

KUDOS to ...

Kudos to the ESSENCE OF STYLE.

L'Rai Arthur-Mensah established
the Essence of Style to provide
her eye for fashion to those in
the entertainment and artistic world.

L'Rai was born in the cultured
and eclectic city of Washington D.C.,
but she was raised in various cities
across the country. Part Ghanaian
and Afro-American, it was her diverse
upbringing that caused her to have a greater awareness and
love for all things beautiful. She learned at young age
that image should be a high priority. It is then when she
learned how to piece garments together so that one would
look their best. Honing her skills from her grandmother,
a seamstress, she was taught to pay attention to clothing
detail and the way they were assembled.

L'Rai now uses that knowledge of fashion and her passion for
hip-hop and the arts to influence her unique style. She embraces
music from many artists and musicians in the hip-hop and underground
world. L'Rai has found a way to combine her love for music, art,
fashion, and expression of one's self by establishing the
Essence of Style.

In pursuit of my her passion, the Essence of Style was established
in April of 2007. "I wanted the opportunity to share my love and eye
for fashion with others."

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