Friday, May 29, 2009

In The Ear...A.I. LoveYou....Sincerely Yours

They call it Electro-Hop (I think). I like to call it Innovative Tight Music!  We first heard about these guys from the homie Mark & LeMont! (Sky Republic Whadup!) Now these are two homies that I definitely trust their ear of judgement when it comes to music! Cant trust many ears nowdays! So the homie Mark emailed me a few tracks, and after the 1st listen, I was feelin A.I. LoveYou! Really! Not your typical "I'm a Gangsta, I Got Money, I Got Rims" rap. 

Favorite Tracks: Bumble Bee, Ride, L.A.M.S, and how can I forget them getting on the Sounds of Blackness track titled "Be Optimistic"! 

Were looking forward to hearing more from these brothers from here on out! Dont be silly folks download their mixtape. Its a DEFINITELY NEED FOR THE ITUNES  IPOD! 

"Reg Black Approved"

Download Here:

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