Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anniversary Edition. Available July 1st


This summer we are approaching 5 years of existence. We are aware that
some of you have just begun to hear about us, and some are quite familiar with the BLACK Collection vision. Either way we just want to say “Thank You” to
everybody who has supported us along the way.

July officially marks our 5th Year Anniversary!!! As we reviewed our previous product catalog, we realized that we had some great products. So we would like to share these great pieces with our new INDIVIDUALS, and those INDIVIDUALS who would like to purchase again.

For you, our “Anniversary Edition”, will be released on July 1st. This will be an exclusive collection of some extremely popular products that we offered throughout the years. All the products will be numbered to ensure our
authentic validation. The "Anniversary Edition" will only be available for two
weeks exclusively in our online store at

We sincerely appreciate the support for each of you all!