Saturday, March 13, 2010

No More @ReggieBlack. Peace Twitter.

It’s been real but I’m out!

The other day, maybe 2 or 3 days before my birthday I had a real conversations with myself.

I asked myself how much pointless shit did I have going on in my life?

Several things came up like being fearful, useless friendships, old relationships I think about, even old ass clothes that look stupid to me now (so I threw ALL my clothes away too)…

Twitter was on that list too….

So with that said I’m out! Why?

It’s unproductive!

We all cling to that joint like our life depends on it!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve met some amazing people on Twitter, and it’s amazing for business, and spreading information. @BLACKCollection will live on (just to put that out there! Follow Us)

Why do we all have to be on our own high horses to tweet every move we are about to make?

Then we wonder why our blessings are cursed. You tell everybody before they are manifested…

Does that really make us self-centered??

How bout we all just make the MOVES and show the RESULTS.

I thought about how much time I waste daily on that joint looking through the timeline, RT’ing positive stuff that I already know….. It’s a waste!

Or waiting on some MAGICAL tweet to break my fear, or confirm my leaps of faith rather! That’s a waste too!

What is it worth? Seeing how many people I can get to show me #FF love? Mega waste!

That time can be used to continue to create amazingness…. Why talk about it?

What has recently done it for me is how soooo many people take this joint so SERIOUS, texting me asking me where’s the motivation, and get mad when I say certain things not “business like”….

I’m a funny guy at heart people. I just share inspiration to motivate people…..

It’s a plot by the media, and another one of their distraction tactics to keep us unfocused on what’s really going on….

On Sunday March 14th @reggieblack will be no more….

I know longer want to be that accessible. I want my life back.



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Araminta Rose said...

I love this post and thankyou for it. I feel that way often and rarely tweet and sometimes take frequent internet hiatuses for the very reasons you stated.